Maybe You’re Sad Because Your Job Suc爱上海贵族宝贝ks

“New research suggests a strong link between being disenchanted by work and depression. Cit上海贵族宝贝自荐y College of New York psychology professor Dr. Irvin Schonfeld studied more than 5,500 school teachers to estimate the prevalence of depressive disorders in workers with burnout. He discovered 90 percent of the subjects identified as burned out met diagnostic criteria for depression.”

The Poet and His Pos上海宝贝贵族56tcards

by Kaveh Akbar
i ask only that you treat my postcards as you would a frayed string of rosary beads…
David J. Thompson has been sending me four or five postcards a week since I w爱上海上海贵族宝贝as eighteen. I was beginning my undergrad at Purdue, obsessed with small-press poetry the way a child gets obsessed with dinosaurs or construction equipment. He didn’t know me at all, but I knew and loved his poems; they appeared regularly in the little fold-and-staple journals I devoured at the time, magazines like Nerve Cowboy and Staplegun and Barbaric Yawp.

While most writers in that scene were doing bad Bukowski impressions, bumbling around drunken esoteries and humble-bragging about adventures in casual misogyny, Thompson, who lived and taught in a small town near Detroit, wrote poems that were more indebted to William Stafford or Raymond Carver or James Wright. The pieces were rural, domestic, and ribbed with an almost ecstatic desolation. His speakers were down-on-their-luck divorcees, paunchy[……]

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9 Things Fro上海贵族宝贝龙凤56m The 90s That Should Be Made Into Emojis

by Awl Sponsors
From plastic see-through phones to J.T.’s bleached head of hair, the 90s is a colorful decade full of awesome (and terrible) ideas that’d provide the perfect inspo board for the next batch of Emojis. Check out some proposed ideas below for Emojis based on the best decade EVER that will make you realize just how weak your Emoji game truly is without these tiny little cartoons at your disposal.
Brought to you by VH1’s Hindsight.
1. Michelle Tanner from ‘Full House’
Her little OMG face is just adorbs (you know, the same OMG face with both hands on face that Kevin from Home Alone mastered as well) and everything you need in your Emoji portfolio right now for all those OH MY GOSH moments in your life.
2. A Lisa Frank unicorn
Move over, ordinary pig, cat and dog — a Lisa Frank unicorn would just shut down the use of any other animal Emoji with its rainbow color palette alone. There’s a reason why only carried our art creations from Kindergarten in Lisa Frank folders.
3. Tam[……]

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