Small quick Incompact not slow, dally with slowly, play slowly! ! !

[meet place] : Xu Hui
[network nickname] : Small quick
[netizen height] : 163
[netizen figure] : Plump, well-balanced
[netizen age] : 20
[appointment costs] : 600/P
[netizen appearance] : 5 stars
[appointment manner] : 5

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  • stars
    [appointment program] : ML
    [date time] : 1 hour
    [evaluate integratedly] :

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  • Reputably
    [date of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 896645651
    [appointment experiences] :
    Went searching today small quick, listen to a friend to sa

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  • y this girl is gem gal coach, be rarer part-time job. Saw girl true person, part

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  • surprise, though the girl introduces when saying is 27 years old, but amiable S give

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  • s her skin my sensation girl also with respect

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  • to the sort of 20 condition that come forward, skin is exquisite degree very good. Wash with the girl wash get the not little also time of lane, the girl is a part-time job after all, resemble the feeling of carry on a clandestine love affair a bit, incompact not slow, dally with slowly, play slowly. The girl says what hold two or more posts concurrently recently is very few, one guest person is not much also, 2 come oneself plan to go back, see the ticket time that can buy later not quite appropriate, hurried back go too tired calculated, waited for holiday to cross farewell to go same also. Speak with fervor and assurance with the girl, two people are together feeling of distance of it doesn’t matter, the girl’s figure is very sof

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  • t, withstand is fine fine play development, the girl performed horse of below one word, in looking at one word horse between that is volant the Y lip that is about to fly, really clinking and excited. When the girl bathes, had been washed, gnaw so go up do not have pressure. Wear spit cap to begin to smoke insert, just began substantially, the movement is too big, slipped to come out. Girl bright arrived to still can be scattered act like a

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  • spoiled child, it is good that baby calls you in side side light tone fierce, love you dead this kind. After the girl

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  • likes very much, enter, after the girl says, enter have special pleasure, like the girl such what have feeling of fine home appointment particularly is not much still, occasionally although the girl is beautiful, but the feeling just abreacts purely, small quick such feeling wants bright than

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  • dozen of pure P a bit.

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