[recreation] will met the girl that Suo Yanyan recommends quite pretty good Hunan this pat a piece secretly for the first time

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[playtime] : 3.25
[J S name] : M977
[J S native place] : Hunan
[J S age] : 21
[J S amount] : 60
[recreational project] : SM

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  • [recreation costs] : 1098
    [evaluate integratedly] :

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  • Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : This inn discovers in the card recently, see the value, also be the small letter that lets me decide to added beautiful to beautiful immediately, be determined one explore, paragraph of time did not come out hey skin, still be to bit of excited ~~~~ is returned to store environment really on the road that go pretty good, should be new site, the key still sees T table, the girl compares much dot of the imagination, estimate 50 the left and right sides, the individual is not to like tender younger sister very much, chose to look quite lovely girl M977, ~~~~ of this point assist enters P room, pleasant to see is greatly circular bed, independent SM house let the YY that I cannot refrain from rise again below dim colour S lamp. . . Come out a suit arms take the advantage of littl

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  • e girl to still be when cushion of SM room laid, one from hind hold her in arms, the both hands of YD has begun to wander in the whole body of little girl, strong XDD has held his head high stand up. Little girl is very understanding also slowly come out clothings, signal I bend over on SM bed, that is bow-backed what keep on my back is slippery will slip, XT, MT,

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  • TT. . . I am direct after turning over signal oversight is other FW, because XDD is pressed already quickly,was unable to bear, call little girl KB directly, little girl looks at me to contain XDD in the mouth readily next with the eyes of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, be in those who keep is remittent in, position with respect to such fir

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  • st time accidentally drop. Took a big towel for me, help me wipe, call me next just a minute, spread good towel, let me lay down. Through a moment ago battle, right now the body sends empty a bit, shut an eye to enjoy next beautiful well beautiful caress, little girl is exceedingly considerate also, know me right now J gas has not restored, need to adjust, reason is very meticulou

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  • s for my knead massage, of strength control just pour advantage, special really enjoy, man by the woman so attentive caress, it is a kind of happiness really, how balance is happy, treat an individual only the requirement degree to this. AM ten minutes or so, little girl slowly it is good really to climb to begin tongue of MY, GS, XP to my body agile, still stimulate my ear ceaselessly, nibble my earlobe, and auditive the sensitive place that just is me, can deep breath alleviates at a heat the disturbance in my heart. DL when, that acute small tongue resembles a move about like water snake, hemp hemp is crisp the short whole body that feels me, vertical stroke of root of root of fine hair on the human body rises, it is to let me achieve really wave wave the degree of celestial being. Oh, my God! . . . Turn over A face, little girl attacks to go up to my body at a draught, the skin is very slippery, MY offensive continues to spread out, ear proclaims again fall, although X is not big, but the service with little considerate and attentive girl, made up for everything, of course I also won’t blindly undertake defending, striking back timelily is must, one dialogue hare takes the lead in be being conquered, cover cup is not big, but get the better of holding out quite, and slip absolutely, true ability fact expects, contain readily advocate RT, little girl has bit of be unable to stand apparently, ha, no matter be of outfit, have a feeling very much anyway, those who want is this effect. Touching the abalone of little girl gently, blink to see white tender pink is tender, how such beautiful Bao can sample, come with little girl immediately a 69 type. In perfect enjoyment in the process, already desire fire is about to burn a body, that leaves work, XDD puts on a raincoat, my dynamoelectric Xiaoma amounts to open, female on top, type is entered after, traditional pattern. After flaw rainstorm, in a SW with little girl, position again accidentally drop, in pairs joy is like an immortal. Final telephone call still rang, the bath change clothes of be reluctant to part sends everybody doorway ~~~ first time come, beautiful beautiful also is to care service quality very much, the sense is good still, helping conduct propaganda, still should meet what go again later.
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