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[playtime] : 2016.6.26
[J S name] : 09
[J S native place] : Did not ask
[J S age] : Did not ask
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 680/120 minute
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation is commented on] Hold out a pretty good a place where people gather for various purposes, the quality of spatial environment and Js is direct ratio absolutely. Be gain absolutely! Oneself like look namely comely those who look at comfortable temperament clean is tall pick a girl! Indoor and clean elegance, room warmth Ml rises to have a feeling particu

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  • larly. Though a place where people gather for various purposes of Shanghai beach is blossom everywhere, of such high end s

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  • till is less!
          Pull a hand to enter a room with the girl, this girl resembles with me is very ripe same, the disrobe that talk cheerfully and humourously, hold out meeting of coquetry, I and she speaks out to play not to want be known by the girlfriend, so need not bath was shown, be afraid of odour can come to girlfriend scent! Retire dress wants only to the top of one’s bent it is OK to enjoy, will give first on rinsed below, still from time to time the back after 2 mew that can use oneself help me wipe, with little hand accost my RT. My little hand affirmation is not obedient also, of practice fraud also helped MM serve. My JJ has paragraph of time to did not come out to play probably, JJ has bit of stimulation a little, immediately hard rose! kink is worn, abrupt MM crouchs touchdown, the mouth in small mouth contains a hot water, helped my KJ rise at a draught, want to perform the plot of a play in the bathroom really, be afraid that too little put to good use does not open the place nevertheless, breath out. . . Blowing blowing, NND came on how sudden sense, 2 hands are holding her small mountain peak, cry not to stop greatly in the mouth cheer, fast, fast, increasing an interest, quickly, quickly. . . . . Listen to grow to vent his anger longly only sound is given out from inside my mouth, if my elite much day pounded the speed like to send S (look my today’s position is very good ah, a characteristic small Shuang Fei should be done to play below the consideration played, bright is crooked. . . ) . Cleaned for me after MM gargle, next a wet body goes out of the bath.
       Come to the bed first, the girl helps my mouth a few, I let PP of drive up of her on bended knees, the little sister is the beautiful leg in big long leg absolutely, PP good be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, I what look am desire fire is towering, of too impatient to wait inside the body that my JJ inserts into her! Her body it may not be a bad idea is long, the likelihood does not have the reason of the foreplay, below very close, my of clip DD has a feeling very much, work to rise even if have a feeling superly! The bodies that look at her of the rhythm around as me sway, the hair also is swaying but this is not the result that I want! Without flirting ML, still be inferior to going the barbershop hits one P. So decisive cry stop. JS looks at me questioningly, ML, want to have emotional appeal ability does better off! This JS is in the likelihood QT respect is not very be expert at, look at me with interrogative eyes all the time. Look at the expression of JS, this JS not very is met, also meant the opportunity that do as one wants to come of course! I am teaching JS like gentleman of a teach, said to her some why should flirt ” large crooked put in order ” . JS is more academic also, then, I learn with teaching by one’s own example, began to get on one class to learn. Flirt.
        Kissing the ear root of JS, old hand begins from the RT of JS, slowly point to delimit abdomen, continue to kiss the neck of JS again, arrive all the time RF, and the hand also continues to glide, forgive crosses the HY region of JS, point to delimit leg ministry, JS at this moment also slowly began to have a feeling, the hand also begins to fumble my body, but this i

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  • s insufficient still, I return the ear root part of JS afresh again, do not have a kiss this, it is instead gently blowing air, of X of JS be used to struggled a few times, but be being coerced with the body by me, move not, the strength that struggles as JS is increased, I also know to weigh a head is be about to begin, I use SJ slowly slip to be in to JS Hei Senlin, find little grain with the hand, slowly by soft rise, as a result of in front when saying to want to teach JS to do QT, had let JS washed private parts system, be in so this measure, I did not fear SC has peculiar smell, SJ slowly stand by little grain, and the hand also begins slowly toward more in go exploring, another hand criterion gently stroke is worn the RF of JS. Did not pass how long, feel the close juice of SC has been poured out of apparently, hear the flavour in the hand, without peculiar smell, be in charge of him, weigh taste this, SJ continues to be in elongate toward Hei Senlin.
    “Favour… favour ” the groan sound of JS also gradually big rise, the movement on the hand also does not know is the head that wants to push me, still want to make my SJ bit more thorough, on my head a chaos is caught. Of course my hand also does not have at a loose end, what the movement on the hand is cooperating SJ is clever, not a little while, the double leg of JS begins to want and approach, contain tic shake, how can let JS move at this moment, otherwise all one’s previous efforts wasted! Pressing the double leg of JS, SJ continues start working. “Ah ” JS cried, this arrives let me frighten jump, see the double eye with blurred JS only, because lamplight is darker, facial S appearance looks not clear, can feel at least, JS has begun X desire renascence. I am laughing to see JS, sit was in on window rank: “Do KH to me so ” . Half genuflect of JS is on the bed, my criterion sits was in on window rank, began KH campaign, such pose is just like M piece a few movements inside, I am wanting always now to learn M piece the movement inside, be a bit abnormal? But such pose gives me very big contented move, and still can feel the PP to JS and private parts so. As JS distain hard, place of my the pubic region comes out signal, at once signal JS wants shipment, be hit with the hand. JS is not much also word, continue to follow the work with the hand at once, her the cry is very great, the affirmation on corridor also can hear her groan voice, I what listen am the sensory ~~~ that bone is about to melt I quicken pace, abrupt pallium electric current emerges move, [harmonious] if tidal water is ordinary surfy spew and piece! The Y that sees her throw cries super successful feeling. ! I feel systemic pressure is released at a draught, , not a little while, ejective thick ox N, whole world is quiet! A cigarette was lighted on the bed, restored to leave effort, went be being rinsed afresh later below, do SM to me next!
        This kind of massage exercise is being done after moving is again appropriate really did not pass! The feeling is a bit tired, help what when I am done, I see her or spirit enlivens, help me do or like to groan what ~~~ myself feels he is a bit tired is dozy become aware ~ is being enjoyed with respect to eyeball of B have sth in mind, make B range first making A range subsequently, when should making A range to me since my JJ holds his head high again become warped stood! Her T ministry is good become warped, the service gives power absolu

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  • tely, still pressed neck neck to me, comfortable and honest be comfortable, that delimits to jade article when crossing my face, I feel I am even happier than the immortal. Going on the bed, the girl does XP to me, did meeting I say or comfortable girl helps KJ I do KJ, her buccal work is too fierce, those who help my mouth before long I with respect to strong club, the feeling is about S came out. I am busy the girl stops, in the mouth I am about S came out. Take good TT immediately, insert DD into her water shade hole again, insert rise very lubricant, concussion although very bright but I always feel not quite driving still, violent bump, the sound of bang bang bang is like, the girl follows cries let this rhythm the person is excited, the cuddle that I die to death finally is worn she desperately selective examination, lasted the electric current that 15 seconds feel to pallium is given out lets me hard pilot S gave a thermal current, feeling the person resembles a

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  • t a draught later is collapse same, I pour dizziness having a place on the bed. Conversion, to conversion, change the position on the girl, exceedingly bold and unrestrained, I am, feel of two salty pigs is getting a girl soft soft X implement, be too wonderful really, it may not be a bad idea of girl physical strength, did me for ages, imperceptible in seem what begin to change below her became close, I one impulse, the descendants of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two has ran ~~~ waves wave desire the feeling that celestial being hanged quickly, the Second World War should end immediately!                    
       After coming out, some of snack ate inside anteroom, the thing is quite delicious still, but my physical strength is to use up really tremendous, domestic restaurant searched to take food taken late at night after coming out again, just come back next, hold out happy passionate experience, thank girl

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