New York Wheel

New York Wheel project might not be dead after all We’ll know in 120 days if the project is back on

A rendering of the New York Wheel

Fortuna s wheel has spun upwards in Staten Island.

The developers of the NY Wheel in St. George, who are currently mired in bankruptcy proceedings, may yet have a chance to make the 630-foot tall observation wheel a reality, the Staten Island Advance reported.上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区

NY Wheel and contractor Mammoet-Starneth have reached a deal that they will find a way forward to build the project or end it permanently within 120 days. A judge still needs to approve the agree爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城ment.

New York Wheel is committed to the completion of the project, which is the centerpiece of a Staten Island redevelopment project, a spokesperson told the Advance in a statement. This settlement will allow New York Wheel the opportunity to finalize its financing arrangements and re-commence the construction and completion of the Wheel.

Locking down financing, 上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区however could prove difficult within the proposed time frame. It s not clear how much more money NY Wheel needs to keep the project alive, but project officials told the Advance last year that it had already spent $400 million of a projected $580 million allotmen上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝t.

Contractor Mammoet-Starneth filed for bankruptcy in December, af爱上海同城 爱上海ter having previously walked off the job and then gotten fired by NY Wheel. In February, Rich Marin stepped down as CEO of NY Wheel. Its new management structure was not immed[……]

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Staten Island Mansions

One of Staten Island s most luxurious (and pricey) homes caught in divorce battle Robyn and Dean Billings’ $6.3M mansion is one of the properties at the heart of the splitting couple’s dispute上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛

(Credit: Max Pixel, Zillow)

A Todt Hill mansion in one of Staten Island s wealthiest neighborhoods is at the center of a divorce that could become the borough s most costly split.

The couple, Dean and Robyn Billing, are going through a contested breakup that is shaping up to be a nasty, contentious process, as Robyn Billing s lawyer told the New York Post, with both parties are disputing how assets should be divided.

Dean Billing is accused of being behind on bill payme爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城nts and their children s tuition, according to his soon-to-be ex-wife. She claims he spends his money on frequent trips to Miami, other women and renting yachts.

Dean Billing’s attorney rebuffed the accusations telling the Post that “one of the most frustrating aspects of New York divorce law is how easy a disgruntled spouse can make false claims in preliminary litigation papers, for dramatic effect.”

Divorce is a common impetuous for selling off real estate and the Billings first listed their house at 125 Benedict Road for $6.3 million last year after Robyn filed f爱上海同城 爱上海or divorce. The listing was pulled as their legal battle dragged on. The couple bought the seven-story home in 2012. [NYP] Erin Hudson

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NYCHA could still face federal takeover,
Be上海同城对对碰交友社区 上海夜网论坛n Carson says The authority has to submit a new plan by Jan. 31

Queensbridge Houses at 10-06 41st Avenue in Queens and Ben Carson (Credit: Wikipedia and Getty Images)

A federal takeover of the New York City Housing Authori上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛ty is still on the table.

Ben Carson, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, commented on the possibility of putting NYCHA into federal receivership during a tour at the Queensbridge Houses, the New York Daily News reported. Mayor Bill de Blasio has said it’s not an option he favors.

“There’s a host of things that are going to be required that I think are reasonable, and that can be accomplished,” Carson told the newspaper. “If it can be accomplished without a receivership, great. If it requires some type of r上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛eceivership, it requires some type of receivership.”

Carson sent NYCHA a letter requiring that a plan to fix the authority — including milestones and metrics — be submitted by Jan. 31. His visit came after a federal judge rejected an agreement among the city, NYCHA, HUD and the Manhattan U.S. attorney to bring in a federal monitor.

Earlier thi上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛s month, NYCHA said it plans to sell air rights and open some land to private development in order to raise money for repairs. The authority aims to raise $3 billion — as part of de Blasio’s $24 billion plan to help NYCHA upgrade its 170,000 apartments. [NYDN] — Meenal Vamburkar

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We are h[……]

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NYC Neighborhoods

In a hypercompetitive sales market, sponsors and brokers are going to even greater lengths to blur neighborhood lines for bigger returns on their units

Developer Bruce Brickman started slashing prices at his luxury condo tower at 1280 Fifth Avenue a year after it hit the market. But even then, sales at the Robert A.M. Stern-designed building were sluggish and only about 20 of its 114 units had been sold.

CORE took over marketing the property from Brown Harris Stevens the following year. And instead of cutting prices even more, the brokerage opted for a name change. The building was rebranded One Museum Mile to lure in buyers who were more attracted to the idea of living in Carnegie Hill than East Harlem.

“The press and the consumer defined the neighborhood and said, ‘Oh it’s all the way up there — it’s near 125th Street, that’s Harlem,” said CORE CEO Shaun Osher, who spearheaded the rebranding in 2012.

“We are storytellers,” he noted. “There’s nothing misleading about that. It’s just another way of saying the same thing.”

The building, which StreetE上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区asy currently lists as in Upper Carnegie Hill, sold out within 18 months of the name change, according to Osher. Perhaps not surprisingly, the average sales price in Upper Carnegie Hill in the second quarter of 2017 was $2.2 million, compared to $652,000 in East Harlem, per figures from appraisal firm Miller Samuel.

In the competitive world of new development marketing, sponsors know nothing gets buyers over the line like a[……]

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NYC dominates list of high-growth Opportunity Zones: report Much of Gowanus and Long Island City appear in top 50

From left: Williamsburg, Gowanus, and Long Island City (Credit: iStock)

New York City ranked as the top high-growth Opportunity Zone area, hig阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿hlighting the disconnect between the federal tax program s goal of encouraging investment in economically distressed areas across the country and its designation of zones in areas that are already developed.

Opportunity Zone designations are based on census tracts, which are generally required to meet a low-income threshold or be next to another tract that qualifies, which has allowed certain high-income areas to be chained together with nearby low-income tracts.

The gap is most pronounced in the New York metropolitan area, according to a new report from San Francisco-based consulting firm Webster Pacific. The study ranked census tracts by the percentage change in $200,000-plus-income households since the turn of the century. The No. 1 tract, located in Gowanus, reported almost no households earning $200,000 or more in 2000, but such households now account for 22 percent of its population.

The single leading metropolitan area is New York City, which contains nearly four times as many high-growth tracts as the next highest area, the San Francisco Bay Area, the report states. Some of the top 50 Opportunity Zones were 上海夜网论坛 上海夜网already wealthy and got much wealthier; the most extreme examples include tracts in New York, Houst[……]

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Education mode is closer civilian ” what the letter grows is wild look: High aim ” might is strengthened edition is new add element

Glory spy library rub book publicly today below the banner on Feburary 14, 2019 put on sale, land Switch, PS4, of PC platform ” what the letter grows is wild look: High aim ” might strengthens the up to date information of edition, new add element ” education mode ” and ” Chu Zhiyan is recorded all right ” wait for information to make public, below an understanding. · ” what the letter grows is wild look: High aim might strengthens edition ” be ” what the letter grows is wild look: High aim ” brand-new strengthen edition is new make, this making come on stage fierce will exceed 2000 people, making a map originally also is ” what the letter grows is wild look ” the biggest till set is current, true to historical famous city reductive. · ” what the letter grows is wild look: High aim might is strengthened edition ” will add more new element, it is OK to strengthen edition general to increase of real time switch ” actual time is made ” mode, bring the command system that makes between more true real time; Increase new ” the battle that attack a town ” , true and reductive city will be moved in battlefield to wait a moment. · is new increase ” education mode ” . ” education mode ” will I hope with Zhen Tianchang and believe the conversational form between favour father and son to spread out, from most game content of the foundation did detailed teacher and student to high level, the first time the player that contacts game’s OK and relaxed introduction game. The road sign with ·[……]

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” rhythm smooth sword ” the milepost that sales volume surpasses play of 1 million VR

In our impression, the person that VR game employs is less, work quality also the good and bad are intermingled, can obtain popular to love rarely. But game of a VR achieved milepost type to accomplish however recently, sales volume exceeded 1 million. Develop outward intermediary of business Beat Games now UploadVR divulge, game of their VR of tall person energy of life ” rhythm Guang Jian ” end in Feburary 2019, whole platform sales volume exceeded 1 million. ” rhythm smooth sword ” be in with the form that experiences first at first on May 1, 2018 put on sale, landed HTC Vive, oculus Rift, windows MR, on November 20, 2018 put on sale, landed PSVR. Since put on sale, ” rhythm smooth sword ” won player and media reputably, between the player the good public praise of buccal mouth according to legend drove the sales volume that makes originally this kind undoubtedly. Still not be clear about at present ” rhythm Guang Jian ” whether be first VR game that reachs sales volume of 1 million class. According to UploadVR, b company rejects to evaluate ” antediluvian reel 5: Horizon ” the sales volume circumstance of VR edition. Without giving thought to how, this remains a very extraordinary success, congratulation first so Beat Games. ” rhythm smooth sword ” the country is taken act as agent by Netease. [……]

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” hematic source is cursed ” cutout reduces content exposure Maliya and akin queen sound ray are consistent

Recently, “Vitta advocate ” Lance McDonald releases new video, revealed ” hematic source is cursed ” the foul akin queen content that is reduced by cutout, among them Maliya and akin queen sound ray are consistent. Video appreciation:
From the point of video, akin queen is in ” hematic source is cursed ” in the existence that is a kind of nobility, if the player does not fall on his knees before her, it is one kind is not respected, and the person that those are willing to fall on one’s knees is had make a pledge to her partisan join clannish right. Lance McDonald explains in video: Be united in wedlock through checking file of speech of the untapped in game and inchoate Alpha version photograph, I am already reductive the conversational option content that is deleted originally, and still queenly inchoate dialog setting undertook farther reductive. Inchoate nevertheless queen dub and formal edition differ somewhat, sound sounds more dignified and elegant, more calm also. Actually queenly sound ray and person occasionally younger sister and Maliya are identical, in gut queen can persuade to the player leaves the ground of dispute and do not try to chat with its, because this will be exasperate,cure church. If the player chooses to sign bond with queen, meet those who suffer her refuse, because be in,experienced such after anguish, she states she also does not want what to lose again. Be worth what carry is, if the player undertakes harming to queen, queen also is met only t[……]

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Paradox will blow hard at will announcing brand-new and politic game this year in August

Paradox Interactive expressed recently, preparation publishs the pertinent information that brand-new and politic game blows hard on the PDXCON congress August 2019, nevertheless this game is not players guess ” Victoria 3 ” . Is germinant, also or the add that is other IP is made. Intermediary Pcgamer expresses outside, before ” galaxy ” Martin Anward of predecessor game chief inspector expresses, he himself will come here at will be being participated in this year in December project of your work of brand-new and politic game, a lot of players are guessing whether this game is at the beginning ” Victoria 3 ” , but Paradox makes a statement to this however, an any game that express to will be announced August are without a relation with the subject matter of 19 centuries. The PDXCON congress August 2019 will be held in German Berlin, be about to know follow-up news, still pay close attention to our follow-up story please. [……]

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Return krypton gold? Knife card ” Artifact ” number of player of first weeks of end declines exceed 5 to become

The intermediary outside occupying covers, sport of medal of V company knife ” Arifact ” head hair one week later player number declines exceeded 5 to become, number peak value is only 20 thousand 4 more than 1000 people. ” Artifact ” with on November 29 put on sale, achieved 50 thousand 6 more than person that day in put on sale that day peak value, rank prep close behind ” seek to live on absolutely: Escape greatly kill ” , ” DOTA2 ” and ” CS: GO ” later. A lot of players after game put on sale complain ” Arifact ” too krypton gold, made product of a conduct financial transactions even, on Steam lead reputably only 58% , IGN gives ” Arifact ” provisional 8.7 minutes, besides exorbitant begin doorsill, besides the curiosity that reduced a player, athletics of this kind of hard nucleus blocks players the general lack of medal sport is enthusiastic, this is it is current ” Artifact ” the reason that player amount drops in great quantities. And a lot of longing are new ” half life ” the V company vermicelli made from bean starch of game, should be to won’t touch such little numerous game blocking a card. Although ” Artifact ” wander inside the limits that the likelihood meets the player’s amount finally be stabilized in, but company of V of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord is resolved however,should be opposite ” knife card ” long-term support, if V company wants to let the players of those prediction of a person[……]

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