✿ fine jade fine jade ✿ sees beautiful fine jade fine jade girl, x price compares freeboard!

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✿ meets place ✿ : Xu Hui
✿ of ✿ network nickname: Fine jade
✿ of ✿ netizen height: 165
✿ of

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  • ✿ netizen figure: Tenderness is considerate, sex appeal is coquettish
    ✿ of ✿ netizen age: 25
    ✿ appointment costs ✿ : 400/P 500/2P
    ✿ of ✿ netizen appearance: Beaut

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  • iful
    ✿ of ✿ appointment manner: Pretty good
    ✿ of ✿ appointment program: Appeal subdues temptation, paddle of an affectionate couple, KJ, the bosom is pushed, the leg delimits, finger tip roams,

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  • ML
    ✿ of ✿ date time: A hour
    ✿ evaluates ✿ integratedly: Re

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  • putably
    ✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Weather is good today, sunshine is beautiful, it is a good weather that hits P, get up to feel all over not quite at ease, the girlfriend is not beside, want to look for an individual to be comforted. I am chronic still probably LF, the area is recommended[……]

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    The service quality of girl of ✿ of ✿ Xi Yan is top-ranking appearance is top-ranking

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    ✿ meets place ✿ : Xu Hui
    ✿ of ✿ network nickname: Xi Yan
    ✿ of ✿ netizen height: 165CM
    ✿ of ✿ netizen figure: 98 jins, 36C
    ✿ of ✿ netizen age: 25 years old
    ✿ appointment costs ✿ : 400/p
    ✿ of ✿ netizen appearance: Beautiful
    ✿ of ✿ appoint

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  • ment manner: Pretty good
    ✿ of ✿ appointment program: YYY KISS MY XT KJ BH 69 ML SE ZF
    ✿ of ✿ date time: 60 minutes
    ✿ evaluates ✿ integratedly: Reputably
    ✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Busier recently, the frequency that comes out to play is a lot of less also. But once dispatch, play high-quality goods

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  • surely, we but cannot treat unfairly my small 2. Searched resource, the friend recommends to have a Xi Yan learning younger sister that enters the water newly nearly most, the feeling returns pretty to add up to my appetite, ma

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  • de an appointment with the past, I[……]

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    Small quick Incompact not slow, dally with slowly, play slowly! ! !

    [meet place] : Xu Hui
    [network nickname] : Small quick
    [netizen height] : 163
    [netizen figure] : Plump, well-balanced
    [netizen age] : 20
    [appointment costs] : 600/P
    [netizen appearance] : 5 stars
    [appointment manner] : 5

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  • stars
    [appointment program] : ML
    [date time] : 1 hour
    [evaluate integratedly] :

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  • Reputably
    [date of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 896645651
    [appointment experiences] :
    Went searching today small quick, listen to a friend to sa

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  • y this girl is gem gal coach, be rarer part-time job. Saw girl true person, part

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  • surprise, though the girl introduces when saying is 27 years old, but amiable S give

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  • s her skin my sensation girl also with respect

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  • to the sort of 20 condition that come forward, skin is exquisite degree very good. Wash with the girl wash get the not little also time of lane, the girl is a part-time job after all, resemble the feeling of carry on a clandestine love affair a bit, incompact not slow, dally with slowly, play slowly. The girl says what hol[……]

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    [recreation] will met the girl that Suo Yanyan recommends quite pretty good Hunan this pat a piece secretly for the first time

    [playtime] : 3.25
    [J S name] : M977
    [J S native place] : Hunan
    [J S age] : 21
    [J S amount] : 60
    [recreational project] : SM

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  • [recreation costs] : 1098
    [evaluate integratedly] :

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  • Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : This inn discovers in the card recently, see the value, also be the small letter that lets me decide to added beautiful to beautiful immediately, be determined one explore, paragraph of time did not come out hey skin, still be to bit of excited ~~~~ is returned to store environment really on the road that go pretty good, should be new site, the key still sees T table, the girl compares much dot of the imagination, estimate 50 the left and right sides, the individual is not to like tender younger sister very much, chose to look quite lovely girl M977, ~~~~ of this point assist enters P room, pleasant to see is greatly circular bed, independent SM house let the YY that I cannot refrain from rise again below dim colour S lamp. . . Come out a suit arms take the[……]

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    In a flock of eggs chose in egg hind ripe female this ripe female it is to have how old glamour

    I like all the time ripe female dish. As it happens last night test and verify. Of 3 guild halls ripe female dish. I come up say. This a place where people gather for various purposes, everybody should be familiar, old old store, be Li of what trailing plants, yo

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  • ung food is much, but ripe female also have. It is they were not written only. I write.
    I saw a girl. Feel 66 pretty are pretty good. Asked complacently. Complacently says she is ripe female. The age is 26 years old, after also seeing the egg egg here incidentally. I still chose her

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  • finally.
    I did not like to enter a room to let me wait. JS came out. I am about she takes kit, not ran. The girl is very obedient. Take kit. Accompany me to go together PF, on the road this girl asks me, why to choose her. I say I like you such ah. Girl laugh, you see me mature quite. It is gutty know X beauty. I this moment just discovers. The

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  • girl throws a hair. Have the amorous feelings of kind of young married woman as expected, train with t

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  • he[……]

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    [peony international residence] Shuang Fei journey is written down, q990/Q909, bright turned over me

    [playtime] : 7/21
    [J S name] : Q990/Q909
    [J S native place] : Not clear [oneself do not care about these]
    [J S age] : 22 or so {two}
    [J S amount] : Range estimation 50 much
    [recreational project] : A coordinated process of ISO Guan form

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  • eation is cost] : 1180+1180
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [contact means] : QQ2155617512 Group 488376332 Small letter 18721724159
         As it happens had time to play yesterday, I did not say redundant word, because I want to play a Shuang Fei, I recommended old morning brother girl of two Q card, q909 does not have a word high to say with Q990/ Yan Zhichao, the service is very good also, two female dry turned over me, like giving water 3 times to follow a dog tiredly. Recommend their photograph, because do not let take a picture, orange gives me.

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  • ownload accessory

    2016-7-22 17:00 upload

    IMG_0803.JPG (68.45 KB, downlo[……]

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    A bell wanted girl of literary writings of big fight colourful dance 3 times, go out the leg is soft

    [J S name] : T17
    [J S native place] : Sichuan
    [J S age] : Range estimation 20 the left and right sides
    [J S amount] : See 60 much
    [recreational project] : ISO
    [recreation costs] : 1280
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Sincerity of class of this two skies bussiness trip is tired, discussing to want to go out to solve solution pressing with two brothers, feel tired sinc

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  • erely! The meeting place that there is connection to cross an a place where people gather for various purposes to call highest grade the famous model before brother says me, still had experienced nevertheless without time, took a mobile phone to send an information to there was good food in the past afternoon then, fly flying director says that he must have! Help me be recommended one by one, have patience very much. Still say to wrap my satisfaction! Hum! Before deciding then, meet toward highest grade famous model, by fly fly say to say to search downst

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  • age fly fly, come i[……]

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    [guild hall of whole scene room] what free and easy and not low M09 date MM lets BL develop is pretty good. .

    After be being crossed by hole in some SN before, often can’t help remember a few crooked melon in that inn crack a jujube, can say the rhythm that is thunder S person completely, understand by every means today below, guild hall of whole scene room sees on forum, feel pretty good, especially inside the photograph of JS attracted BL deeply, took number directly, the telephone call that gives 9 younger sister the manager is written down still have an addre

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  • ss. Open the door before taking a car, go to, the telephone call is returned on the road the problem of the amount that manager of 9 younger sister enquires JS by official holiday and ISO and so on, after knowledge is thorough, also arrived almost, was in car berth a neutral, phone 9 younger sister come out to receive me, my what manag

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  • er of 9 younger sister recieves personally.BL says JS type can take JS,

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  • 976 this is best, described to 9 younger sister roughly, belt come over to look, BL says that waits into the room, of come to an agr[……]

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    Test and verify 00 hind special performance, paper of younger sister of a lot of pink, be worth to try sincerely, can make an appointment but test and verify, as long as 750 oh

    (3 residence)
    Special railway line of small humble VIP: 18721724

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  • 138 

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  • railway line of VIP of luxuriant and beautiful: 15921186483
    Small letter is synchronous  Add small letter to the graph has the truth to have video

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  • QQ group: 298866388
    Club of luxuriant and bea

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  • utiful What belong to area Shanghai Min area of riverside of Ouyang of mouth of travel area rainbow Natural resources is great the activity is great! !

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    Download accessory

    2016-7-2 14:29 upload

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    QQ picture 20160613203741.jpg (52.43 KB, download frequency: 0)

    Download accessory

    2016-7-2 14:29 upload

    QQ picture 20160613203744.jpg (97.57 KB, download frequency: 0)

    Download accessory[……]

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    [sexual Eden] younger sister of Yi Debai tiger seeks a lot of money hard! I am first time! (explain essence of life)

    [RecreationTime] : 2016.6.20
    [J S name] : A651
    [J S native place] : Jiangsu
    [J S age] : 18
    [J S amount] : 50+
    [recreational project] : S M, h B, d L, y W, s H, z F, . . . .
    [recreation costs] : 6
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably, jockey convenient, environmental grace, optional sex is very much

    [recreation comments on] : Encounter white tiger younger sister for the first time, I also cannot think of. The excitement that sees a girl that do not have wool is what kind then eventually is natural hard Yan Yu! When I go, oneself also did not think of oneself can encounter white tiger younger sister. When going, I am the feeling with oneself only, feel accordingly. Add< is thought of think of > small belle managerJust arrange a Qing Chun to me, telling me is white tiger little sister, arrived all the time inside PF I just discover I encountered a highest grade! ! !

    Eden of < sexual love > this hardware class is possible still, but it is A card for the[……]

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